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      深圳租車網(Car Rental Guide for Foreigners):外國人來深圳如何租車
      編輯 : 建文租車 時間2021-07-20
        For foreigners living in Chengdu,renting a car would be a good idea if they want to have a road trip with their families.   對于在深圳生活的外國人來說,無論是外出辦事,還是自駕游,租車無疑是一個不錯的選擇。   As China does not recognize the International Driver's Permit,foreigners to drive in Chengdu need to get a Chinese driver's license first.   由于中國不承認國際駕照,外國人要想在深圳開車必須擁有中國的駕駛證。   By far the number of foreigners living in Chengdu has reached nearly 20,000,and how do they rent a car in the city?   深圳目前常住外國人已接近2萬。那么,他們怎樣才能租到車呢?   According to the company,the prices for renting cars generally range from RMB100/day to RMB1,000/day,considering the brands of the desired rentals.Customers have to pay at least RMB5,000 as the deposit.When they return the car,RMB2,000 will be held for another 30 days in case of any possible notifications of traffic violations incurred by the rented cars.   據了解,租車費用和押金根據車型的不同而各異:租車費用一般100元到1000元/天不等,押金5000元起步。  

        還車時,需扣掉2000元電子眼違章押金(在無違章的情況下30天退還)和租車費用,剩下的全款退給客戶。   租車期間的燃料費、路橋費、停車費、違章扣分、車輛的維護由用戶負責。   Below are the procedures to rent a car for foreigners:   以下是外國人在該店的租車步驟:   reserve a car   01   第一步:租車預定   Reservations online or by phone.Tell agency staff what type of a car you prefer,when and where to pick up the car,etc.   通過網站、電話等途徑提前向工作人員預定所租車型、租車時間、取車地點等基本信息。   prepare documents   02   第二步:提供證件   Your valid passport,Chinese driver's License,Chinese residence permit,and enough money are needed when you ink a rental contract.   外國人需準備有效護照、中國有效駕駛證、在華居住證、車輛租金以及足額的押金。   pick up the car   03   第三步:車輛提取   Examine the car carefully,fill in a confirmation chart and pay the rental fee and security deposit.   攜帶上述證件到本地店面辦理交接手續;在工作人員的陪同下驗車、填寫驗車單,確認并簽字(此驗車單將作為客戶返還車輛時還車驗車的憑證);支付車輛租金以及足額的押金。   return the car   04   第四步:歸還車輛   Return the car as the contract stipulates.   按照合同約定時間還車;在公司客服人員的陪同下驗車、確認并簽字。   Tips   注意事項   1.Don't sign the contract until you fully understand the clauses;   2.Double-check the car when you'll pick it up;   3.Call the police(dial 110)and the rental agency immediately in case of a traffic accident.   1.簽署合同前應認真瀏覽合同再簽字,取車時應仔細查看車輛;   2.若發生交通事故,應立刻報警并聯系租車公司協助解決相關事宜;   3.若有交通違法行為,應及時處理或由租車公司代為處理,并承擔相應費用。
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